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tv   [untitled]    December 11, 2012 3:30pm-4:00pm PST

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ia apartments. calm weeks ago i had a 77 -years-old son and they got a 14 and-a-half% rent increase and what distribution in the city can allow that and it's not healthy for the community, city or democracy our real estate industry like their cousins in wall street, they want no regulation and is you know, the markets will correct themselves, correct? allan green span said that all the time, correct? well 33 years after the end of cost of living department's rent control, we are in a mess in housing we need some rent control we need cost of living adjustments and we
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need to take this out of profit tierings and 13 and-a-half% for rent increase, again no district can handle that what we have got turning the page, the night before christmas and you will all through the house not a creature was stirring the house you could hear the quiet outside unless you have lived across the street of the water mark's garage that are dumping -- on you or the programming garage that is dumping noise on you or the beak condumping noise on you 24 hours a day and these are all new buildings and did you did you everring noise we need a little bit more regulation here and i understand that the city is trying to get something going, we need some help haw have a merry christmas the also
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christmas morning and new years morning are the quiet easy mornings of the year, engine that. >> supervisors good afternoon i received serious reports that supervisor from district seven a is not paying enough tension attention to public comment and it's my responsibility to come here and extend a few thoughts to supervisor elsburnd and i want to take-few minutes and say that i want how much i enjoyed working supervisor and when i decided to join the board, sawn came to the first house party i had and offered a lot of insight and then became a supervisor and he is just done a great job and taken on issues that a lot of people saw is not winner and is not simple and not easy to move and i think he has really
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contributed greatly to the city and for years, we will appreciate the legacy and the work that he has gone done. but he could have smiled a few more fipples times, i think we can agree and sean is probably the more pro living microphone talker in anyone who has sat on the board and i enjoyed when he recoiled at some comment and then its the microphone and you wandered if it was really going to hang onto it's hinge and many of you missed michaels birth and for many years he did not its his minor phone and supervisor daily got under his skin a little bit and i had to stand up no matter what the issue was and say it's good to have sean back and soipt to say how much i love and appreciate hitch and so many
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mile stopes have occurred since him. >> thank you that is good time to transition we do have quite a few accommodations today at 330 because we have many individuals here who have come for the special accommodation and is so i would like to start with our district ten colleague supervisor col ini understand incohen i understand you have a special accommodation today? >> hello everyone, today, we actually have an opportunity to pay our respects to many people. first to row dell-you heard from former supervisor doesy will be recognizing you and your colleaguings and representative
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oh, walky kristinee and but today i stand before you to recognize our wonderful leader in the assembly fee i don't evenna who has joined us today please give her a warm welcome. and for those i do not knows here's a brief background overt last ten years that fee i don't evenna has accomplished in public service she began her public service as a member of the assessment public appeals board and to the john burden done and she was elected to the board of supervisors in 2,002 and pan banned toxic chemicals and toys and led effort to protect local woman and minority business in his contracting practices focused on woman's health and domestic violence
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suspicious now keep in mind this is a ten year career that i'm condensing into five bullet points? he was a pointed majority and speaker pro testimony making mer her the most senior asian woman in the state of california she pass of the legislation, again like i mentioned she led the evident and continues to lead the effort to pass the high speed rail bonds and looked out for the san franciscoians interest in passing legislation to improve reliability and healthcare child care programs and protect consumers and regulating lock submit and tatoo parlors but with a ms. miles will be leaving after ten years of service she has been a personal friend and mentor to me and she has spend a lot of time mentoring a lot of
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people in this particular champ better and she is a woman that, that i respect and it's a privilege to be able to present to her colleagues here on behalf of all of us we would like to congratulate you for recently completely ago term of the charm state assembly and the frank board of supervisors in recognition of your dead carted support and helping democratic woman this is for you my friend. congratulations you have around this.. >> actually i think there are other supervisors that would like to comment. supervisor kim. >> speaking as another female elected i have always appreciated that you have
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mentoring those of us who are entering into the field after you and not a lot of elected officials do that to give their advise and support and i appreciate the support that you have given to me and i also want to say that i have an incredible apt of respect fortitude you have and the honesty and the way you carry yourself as-woman and a woman leader and it's rare to see that type of leadership and those of us in this field admire those qualities about and you see how incredible you have moving through a lot of different types of politics and fundraisings and lots of other things and so i want to thank you again for being that role-model and i appreciate what you have done. >> supervisor kim, i also want to add a few words for myself. fee i don't evenna you [spelling?] you main annoy you
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are the first asian america supervisor that i got know when i was a community activist and i appreciate your words of wisdom done and encouragement for all of the work that we do here and i also want to take a moment to colleagues remind you that you started the conversation around reforms year ago and conducted many meetings and trying to reform the jeopardia and the biz tax that we reformed just this last november and i remember having conversation with you about that before i joined this board in the small business commission and thank you for putting that idea in my head. i know that you have had tremendous service in sacrament toe and i hope and believe that you will continue to public service in years to come and hope to work pa with you in that capacity and i want to thank you on my behalf.
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>> thank you very much we are so happen to be here to acknowledge all of the work that you have done and i have to say in our own distribution, fee i don't evenna served [spelling?] served distribution four and you set the bar so high and i can remember now people running into me and calling me fee i don't evenna and so the impression that you have left in the district and service is tremendous and i am to thank you for all of the work that you have done on behalf of san francisco and what supervisor kim mentioned is truly commendable i think a lot of people who make it to where you have gone and done the thing that you have tend to close the door behind them and don't pave the way for others to follow but you open the door and open it widely to make sure that all have an opportunity and so i want to thank you for all of that work. >> so with that madame the
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floor is yours. thank you very much after november 30th i'm firnly a civilian and after being spoiled for 30 years and having to go through the metal deckers again and having to go through park, these little things, you take for granted and so i want to thank sean and kristine efor your service being on the board of supervisors is like being on the game show survivors very very serious even when i was on here and for those of you inspiring to go on the legislature, i think he will agree it's a team sport, it's not person anymore and we get to work on bigger issues for the state but if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere and i know each of you
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perpetrationly and each of you -- for your friendship, for all of your leadership and i looked forward to working with you and now i have that i have some more time, you can call me to volunteer. thank you. . >> thank you and congratulations. our next accommodation today will be provided by our district seven
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colleague supervisor elsburnd. >> thank you mr. president i would like to invite joe did you havey and anyone else who's here to come on up. 2012 was a big year in san francisco in athletics and our second world champ i don't mean ship in the last 12 years and 49ers returning and even our lawyers warriors went on some of the pest -- what was achieved by the young men you see in front of you in some ways was even more exemplar and those who don't know and supervisor's kim's district in treasure island and we have a tremendous game field and irish field out there for hurling and
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irish football. and -- both won the national championship. and both teams from san francisco won this yearly and compete and brought home that trophy right there and last year san francisco had the great opportunity to host this year they went to philadelphia and brought back the trophy and a real tremendous honor for the community and -- if i could just divert for a moment because he is standing here and i'm almost done joe thank you for all of the work you did at p b i and district accept and i don't have a certificate for you but the city is very lucky to have you at d b i but for the two team, the congratulations, the floor is yours.
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(applause). . >> my name is jared and treasure of -- club my daughter who's going do grab the microphone any second -- our club was found in 1987 and we won seven consecutivive titles in 1970 and then had a 20 year drought and it's like waiting all day to win a title and so now we have won two consecutive title and the first one was contested in 1959 and so the next one is -- [inaudible] and we are hoping to be the first one of two national sports
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the galic -- if you look it up on you-tube, you will see good example of it and the field hockey and -- it's for many years we had two clubs in the city and now there are four and they are primarily to hold bond -- and so we (undistinguishable accent or words) clubs traveled and beat the a best of what america had to put in front of us and so i'll like in completion to thank seanel person burn for having us here today and to thank you and the mayor's office for having us at
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this fashion treasure island and i encourage you to come along it's a great day out. thank you very much. (applause). . >> i'm joe did you have free and from the gary club and we are very honored to be here today and front of you all i would like to thank sean for his great turn with the city and on the board of supervisors you have always been a great supporter ever our games and the whole irish community and i would like to thank you all of the board of supervisors for your help and support it's a great privilege to be here. thank you.
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(applause). . >> thank you and congratulationses. our next accommodation will be provided by our district six colleague, supervisor kim.. >> thank you and for today i'm actually recognizing a one-time small business in district six, today, weapon to bring out sam a r va,do s. yeah, come up to the mike. and so sam is a drummer for and and own ever of sam a dad dough's drum shop in the musical community and he has provided quality service and assistance to emerging and established drummer and is i
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want to acknowledge his heartfelt contribution to the community and his dedication to the craft of refurbishing drums and he will be missed as he movies his business from frank to port lapped and you contribute so much to the unique character the san francisco and south of market and thank you for supporting our arts and community which, is deeply moved by your departure and so the board of supervisors pretend you with this accommodation and if you we would like to you come up and take a picture after your words sam. >> well, i want to thank my beautiful wife, i never expected this, janice, all of my employees over the years, jason
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ebbly, coal gill, rich felix michael park son, mark a both and i already set said my beautiful wife but i'm going to say it again my friend and machinist jack, my favorite thing to do is not sell a thousand dollar drum it's to fix a drum for somebody and send them on their way and know that when they get to their practice or gig, they are going to have a smile on their face knowing that their drum sounds great. that means the most to me. and thank
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you. thank you supervisor kim we have two more presentations for today and i'll kick off both them and colleagues you know at the enof ever two years, we take a portion of the last meeting to say good-bye to colleagues who
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we know will not be going far but have served our city with great distinction. i first would like to recognize supervisor christina oh, wack key we have a resolution that will pass unanimously for her services but i would like to read a few lines because kristiney you have served our city. since her childhood supervisor has become a strong advocate for justice and pro live ravings nuclear energy and over the past 30 years she stood against injustice? san francisco by improving conditions in hotel and is affordable hogs for low increase people and from 2010 to 12, she set the bar for progressive land use policy in san francisco and this year christina has
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represented district five and served those neighborhood in our city with passion, commit and an open mind, prioritizing ever each resident department in her districts in order to make district five safe, clean and a abuse place to live and work i'm not going to read the rest of of it but christina thank you i have known you for yeast and i know that we will continue to work together for many years to come and i want to thank you for your open mind and i want to thank you for doing what you thought is right and i want to thank you also for speaking your mind and just again for all that you have done for this board and for your district and for our city and with that, thoi we have a lot of colleagues that want to think let start with supervisor campos. >> thank you very much mr. president and i'll try to be brief i know all of us have
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something to say here. i i want i want to say to my colleague and friend christina owe walk key that it has truly been an honor for me to sit here with you and to work not only with you but with your amazing staff in the last few most. you know the thing about being appointed to the board of supervisors and i have never gone through that process and how crazy and demanding that must be and for those of us who get to this point and normally you go through a campaign process before you get to serve on a board and that has it's own challenges but i think being pointed and having it's own set of challenges that very few people have experienced. and i want to say that the one thing
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that stood out for me was just the very honest way in which you handled yourself and the integrity with which you approach the job and one of the things that i certainly appreciated was the fact that you brought your own perspective as a woman, as a person of color but also as someone who grew up in a very poor background and it was very clear to me, that as you were thinking and analyzing the many issues that came our way, that your person experience and perspective was reflected in what you did and i really appreciated that and i also appreciated the way in which you handle a very tough set of vote and situations and whether you agreed or disagreed with you i
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always respected where you werecosm coming from and the thing about these jobs is that we are not in them for very long. and i think that whatever -- i think that we should be grateful for the service that you provided and for me there were a couple of key votes where i thought that your involvement was critical community choice aggregation i think was one of them which i think will go down as one of the most important votes we handle here and low increase use and i hope it's not a good-bye, i hope it's simply a few phase in the chapter of your life and i look forward to working christina olague in whatever do you because i think you have so much talent and luck for the city and county of san francisco and but it's been an honor to work with you and
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continue to work with you and thank you for the sacrifices may have had for the city. >> thank you i want to say i have had so much fun work wog we first met on the planning commission and then talked about an issue in district and then got to see you up in jackson and fill admonishing more and we will do that whenever you want but really, working on the board of supervisors gether i think you have done such an amazing job for district five and i think it's been a lot of fun working together and we may want agree on every issue on the majority of issues but it doesn't matter at the end. [end] of the day i want you to know how much i really thrum enjoyed working together and i know it's been a long and rough year for you and i hope you get to relax but really it's been a pleasure and a joy and as
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supervisor campos mentioned i hope this is just the beginning and look forward to seeing you around the neighborhood. >> supervisor mar? thank you i know we met when you were an activist for mission agenda year ago and what i have always appreciate appreciated about you as a supervisor is you bring a glass roots sensibility approach to us that sometimes the mainstream immediatee doesn't get but i got it that you stand with the most vulnerable people in our neighborhoods whether they are seniors or veterans in hotels or small property owners and i i also want to say that on former retail ordinance and issues that you have i have worked on you have been a key ally as a
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stronger voice and as on the board of supervisors, i'll refer you as the community voice that always had the community's needs in hind but thank you for working us and we will work together again on many more issues. >> supervisor avalos? hi christina thank you for working here on the board of supervisors i can't imagine the precious that you were understood in rather and from that i heard from so many people how difficult it is for them to do anything they wanted you to do and how strong you have been throughout this process and i


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